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Does anybody have a recommendation for a browser on iOS? I was running Brave as my Chrome replacement but I want to dump it. And unfortunately, Vivaldi isn't available on iOS.

Testing out my IFTTT integration between Twitter and Mastodon

think of all the things we learned for the people who are still alive

over on the twitter site birds or whatever i'm supposed to say i see a lot of shitlib posts about how harris did a lot to convince biden to do the student loan debt shit

if my solution was $10K forgiven i wouldn't want anybody to know i came up with that fucking boring shitty bullshit, cool we'll be in the exact same position in a couple years, way to go democrats!!!

American health care is such trash, I went from, "I hope I don't have lung cancer," to, "I'd better have lung cancer," after they told me what my bill was gonna be for the CT scan

also there's like a 99% chance I don't have lung cancer so I'm not that worried but you know. a little worried and stuff.

Which is a more boring pizza?

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