is it a sin to do a lip kiss to somebody who isn't your wife

What's the next Fast & The Furious movie going to be called? 

Fast 10: Your Seatbelts.

Dave Chappelle said some transphobic stuff, Jim Breuer is doing Trump rallies now...

I wonder if anybody else from Half Baked is going to end up being a piece of shit

@noelle oh yeah, duh. should be a giveaway. plus i bet all of us on the fediverse are IT people.

I am, but I did the other work for a long time before I went into IT. even then i'm not a coder, i'm a Salesforce admin so I still don't know computers lol

@noelle whoa you must work in a hospital, those sound like hospital shifts. Cool stuff, friend! I did some paraprofessional work in hospitals and group homes and stuff

@yo both are equally bad in the eyes of the Lord our God, as Christians we are called to not covet our neighbour's ass (Exodus 20:17)

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